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ICL Received Quality Excellence Award
Event Date: 2016-06-21 03:25:15
On June 17th, 2016 ICL received first level National Quality Excellence Award from the Ethiopian Quality Award (EQA) organization. ICL is being awarded for the second time in addition to the Joint Commission International accreditation which is achieved for four times in a row. Our gratitude goes to all our partners,customers and employees for your trust, support, constructive feedback and working with us. Without your inputs, we would not reach these milestones.

New Sample collection site around CMC
Event Date: 2015-09-23 05:07:14
We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new Sample Collection Site around CMC this week. You may find us on Euyel Building first floor in front of the third light rail way station on the road down from Sailte Meheret to CMC. The site is operational Monday to Saturday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The new sample collection site will allow ICL to better serve a broader geographic area especially the east part of the city. Currently we have a total of 12 sample collection sites in Addis Ababa and major cities of the country.

CEO Received 2015 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person of the Year Award
Event Date: 2015-09-23 05:03:35
Ato Tamrat Bekele, founder and CEO of International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) received the 2015 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person of the Year Award at Award Dinner held in Sheraton Addis Hotel on August 13, 2015. The Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum is organized by the Ethiopian America, an US based Ethiopia Diaspora business and investment group. It is a non-partisan, professional business publication by group of Diaspora professionals. The forum held on August 1 st at the George Washington University in Washington DC brought together professionals and business men to review the latest development and to honor key players in the healthcare sector. This year’s forum was organized under the theme of “Investing in Ethiopia’s Untapped Healthcare Sector”. Both the Forum and Awards Dinner has attracted a large number of Ethiopians from the Diaspora and Ethiopia, as well as others who are interested in business and investment opportunities in Ethiopia. The Award Dinner was held in the presence of senior officials from the Government. ICL opened its door in 2004, is now a reliable clinical laboratory diagnostic center currently serving millions in Ethiopia, and creating employment opportunities for more than 200 people throughout the country. ICL now plans to expand its market reach with new services and throughout East Africa. ICL is the first internationally accredited and certified laboratory in Africa by Joint Commission International and has won numerous awards for its quality services.

Event Date: 2015-09-23 05:02:07
International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) is now offering an apprenticeship opportunity for laboratory professionals. Since its establishment over 10 years ago, ICL has been striving for excellence and contributing for the development of professional laboratory personnel in various means. As part of discharging its social responsibility, ICL has launched this innovative and intensive opportunity for the second time. During this apprenticeship program you will have a chance to become familiar with the laboratory procedures, techniques and laboratory equipment used in the cutting edge facilities. Besides you will closely work with experienced professionals in the clinical laboratory science that will hugely impact your career destiny.

World Hepatitis Day
Event Date: 2015-08-19 03:30:09
In connection with World Hepatitis day, seminars were organized on Friday 27th of June 2014 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organizers were International Clinical Laboratories and the Ethiopian Gastroenterology Organization. Dr. Laurence Phillips from Abbott presented the latest updates on epidemiology and molecular detection of Hepatitis viruses.

Consultative Meeting on Flow for L
Event Date: 2015-08-12 10:31:59
Consultative Meeting on Flow for L & L In Collaboration with the College of Health Sciences (AAU), ICL has cascaded a consultative meeting on establishing of Flow Cytometry facility for Leukemia and Lymphoma (L&L) diagnostic application. All participants, who are senor hematologists and oncologists, have discussed thoroughly on essential facets of the objective. Challenges and personal reflections on lack of proper laboratory diagnostic tools for different leukemia and lymphoma have been addressed. Clinicians, due to lack of cheap and specific diagnostic tools, are often prescribing drugs based on the classical pathological techniques and natural history of the diseases. Issues of “Is it the right time to establish, while still the classical pathological techniques are available?” and “what would really be done for the patients after being diagnosed using ultra specific Flow techniques?” First of all, establishing of Flow facility would add confidence and experiences of pathologists. According the meeting participants, it has been indicated that referral hospitals should have reference diagnostic techniques that the rest of the world have been utilizing for staging of diseases and deciding treatment regimen, because these standard treatments are set based on current standard facilities such as flow. Much more, one participant has stressed that the availability of Flow data could easily magnetize the ministry of health towards revising policies on availing of newly discovered drugs, and enable to indentify current needs of the health services. Issues of demanding technical expertise and reagent cost have been the hindrance that limits flow facility in only ART laboratory in Ethiopia. As a possible remedy, it has been suggested that researchers and university faculties should advocate flow cytometry, which could give an opportunity of expanding the flow facility other than ART, and thereby minimizing the costs. Issues of public private partnership, potentials and strategies were addressed. There are a lot of potential resources from both parties. To instantly polarize services and resources towards the actual needs, there should be close discussion and collaboration between the private and public sectors. Only when both can be orchestrated there would be fruitful services. On the way forward, several side points were raised such as Ethiopia has the highest number of medical tourism in Africa. This potential resource can be systematically designed to upgrade local capacity and make sustainable advanced facilities such as Flow Cytometry.

Flow Cytometry Hands-on Training
Event Date: 2013-08-02 09:23:27
Flow Cytometry Hands-on Training Modern diagnostic characterization of hematologic neoplasms is increasingly dependent on flow cytometric immunophenotyping. Mult-parametric immunophenotyping allows a rapid and objective detection of aberrant antigen co-expression and the analysis of heterogeneity and clonality of malignant cells in leukemia and lymphomas. Hence right combination of antibodies in the multi-parameter analysis is essential. Many laboratories involved in immunophentotyping have great challenges of building the right antibody combination panel. Thus, to facilitate the process of selecting both the right combination of antibodies and combinations of flourochromes, ICL has started to cascade regular training that involves both laboratory technologists and hematology fellows. As part of this a two round training was conducted at ICL Flow laboratory. The first round five days training was focused on the basic application of flow for L&L, and basic software training used to analyze and interpret the data. The Second phase four days training was mainly on advanced flow application for choosing the right panel for L&L based on the international guidelines and pertinent to local needs. Hematology fellows from the College of Health sciences (department of internal medicine) and laboratory technologists from ICL were participated during the hands-on training. The training is primarily targeted to ensure local capacity on establishing of flow facility at the government and private health institutions.

Your Result online coming soon
Event Date: 2012-05-01 18:36:20
International clinical laboratories online result access portal is coming soon. For detail please see the my result section.

Female Wellness Panel - It's all about life
Event Date: 2012-04-30 15:39:14
Many of hereditary and lifestyle diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risk. Health problems like heart conditions, cancers, thyroid related problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems and high cholesterol may not have symptoms in the early stages, yet have life-threatening consequences. The vey same diseases if detected early through regular screening, may require just management of the condition, involving a change in lifestyle, dietary changes and some medication. Read more on Health education serious section

Male Wellness Panel - It's all about life
Event Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Many of Hereditary and lifestyle diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risk. Health problems like heart conditions, cancers, diabetes, thyroid related problems, high blood Pressure, kidney problems, and high cholesterol may not have symptoms in the early stages, yet have life-threatening consequences. The very same diseases, if detected early through regular screening, may require just management of the condition, involving a change in lifestyle, dietary changes and some medication. Read more on Health education serious section


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