Laboratory Testing

ICL is mainly responsible for diagnosing patient samples collected from our different sites around the country. All testings are performed following standard operating procedures that are revised regularly. Patient samples will be tested only when daily control runs are acceptable according to the setWestgard rules. Automated analyzers in our Core laboratory (Hematology,Chemistry and Immino assay) are interfaced with the Lab information computerized system (LIS) to avoid transcription errors. ICL uses a barcoding system for specimen labeling.

Specimens are barcoded with a unique 10 digit sample ID. Patients are provided with an ID which can be used in subsequent visits.

Thus, a patient visiting ICL more than one time, if presented with the given patient ID, will have one patient ID and different Sample IDs. This helps to review cumulative data of a patient (please see the cumulative patient result graph below).

These patient data are all retrieved in the main laboratory. Incoming samples are registered on a specimen accession log. Samples are handled by the different functional departments according to the retrieved work list.


Head Office: Kera, around Bulgaria Mazoria.
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Our Laboratory Services

ICL serves its clients with its high tech equipments and extreme professionals.

Together with our Exclusive partners, we provide more than 2000 Tests.

Laboratory Testing
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