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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the system requirements to access the web-based result?
    - Internet connection
    - Adobe Reader

  1. What is required to use the online web-based result portal?
  2. You have to fill a form at ICL reception desk ,on the form you will write : your name , the date, user name you want to have ,your e-mail address and for security purpose you have to answer one question from 4 options.

    1. What about security?
      The latest firewall technology is used to ensure the privacy and security of all laboratory data. A unique account name, password and patient Id are required to access your account via a secure Internet connection.

    2. Why do I need web-based result reporting?
      In addition to your standard method of result delivery (printed copy, fax, courier & email), web-based reporting gives you additional access to your lab results anywhere you have access to an Internet connection.Whether you are at home, in a hospital, in a different country, or even on vacation, you can check on your results via the Internet.

    3. Can I access my colleague's lab result using my account?
      No, you cannot access other patient’s information at all .You will able to access your result and information only.

    4. How do I sign up?
      In order to sign up for web-based result reporting, you will need to complete,sign, and submit an authorization form. There is no charge for this service. To get the process started, please ask the receptionists at any of ICL patient service for the form. Once we've received your authorization, your account will be activated for laboratory result reporting as soon as possible.

    5. How do I get my user name and password?
      Based on the information you filled on the form we will notify you the details by e-mail (user name, password, security question and answer)

    6. Can I change the password?
      Yes, you can change the password on the link which will be sent into your e-mail.

    7. What if I lose my e-mail?
      If you lose your email address for any reason, please contact us physically or through the phone, having your online laboratory result form at hand. We will check with your security question and answer then we will forward your information to the new e-mail you will provide us.

    8. How do I access my online result?
      You can access your web results at Type or copy and paste this link on the browser and sing in with your account name and password. The result you will find at the top is the recent one and the list will be sorted with time.

    9. When can I get my result online?
    For routine tests, you will get results between 24hrs-48hrs

    1. How much does this cost?
      Once again, there is no charge for web-based result reporting.

    2. Can I access all my historical data with a single user account?
    Yes, you will get all results which were done with the same patient Identification number

    NOTE: Using the same patient Identification number on every visits of ICL will have multiple benefits.



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